10 Facts: Pros and Cons of a Home Base Business

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10 Facts: Pros and Cons of a Home Base Business

Home Based Business

What you Need to Know about Running a Home Based Business…

Home Based Business

So you want to Start a Home Based Business? Know these Facts….

With a work from home dad for many years now I am often asked what the pros and cons are to being my own boss. There are some points people should consider whether you want to start a home based business at home or an internet home based business. It’s not just about the money either like most people think, because money is the first consideration for starting a business on the internet or one at home.

To make it simple I am going to list some of the main points about being your own boss both the negatives and positives, and you can decide whether you want to work towards quitting your job once you earn enough to reliably work at home full time.

The pros of being your own boss in a home based business of your own.

1. Having complete freedom to work when you choose and go where you want when you want to…
2. Being able to spend more time with your children and grandchildren if you have them….
3. Earning paychecks proportional to the effort you apply to your home based business rather than a set income…
4. Not having anyone particularly like a boss telling you what to do, how to do it and how quickly it must be completed…
5. Taking holidays and days off when you feel like it and not having to commute through heavy traffic to work…

The points above are mainly what drive people to become their own boss to work at home with a home based business or internet based business opportunity. In most cases these outweigh the negatives of working from home but having said that it is important to know what the negative points are as well so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

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The cons of being your own boss in a home based business of your own.

1. Making sure you are disciplined enough to do the necessary work to keep your home based business successful…
2. Not having a steady pay check every month because some times earnings can take a dip…
3. Suffering from cabin fever having to work in the same place every day in your home based business office…
4. Loneliness especially if you are a very social person because there is no office staff to interact with like you were used to…
5. Always having to do things for family like take people to the airport, collect pills from the chemist or the car for a service because after all you are your own boss…

It does not matter if your home based business is internet based or a real work at home business the above points apply. I go out more often to a club, pub or visiting friends or family to get the interaction I need but this is not always possible for everyone. Being the family butler is often the case because of the freedom you have and trying to make excuses hardly holds water.

I have made my home office in the dining room into a neat space to work in where I can look out of the window to make it pleasant where I work. This may not always be possible depending on where you live.

Lastly you need to be disciplined to keep your earnings reliable and some months they may take a dip so it is wise putting money away in good months to counter this.

How long does it take to become your own boss?

This is different to when I earned enough money to quit my job way back in 2006. These days there are smart programs that train you how to make money online fast in a reliable income so you can become your own boss a lot faster. What you should know is that getting a home based business to be a successful one is hard work and dedication to achieve the dream you have. Another VERY important thing I learnt is spreading my risks meaning I have built up different streams of income so that one complements another.

The paperwork for a Home based Business

Keeping records, paying your tax, and working carefully with your money are important so consider putting a system in place that you are comfortable with. Sometimes you have great paychecks from your internet or home based business and when I get these I spoil everyone in the family. Why not?

Instead of spending hours browsing the internet extensively for a home based business opportunity or internet business that will suit what you are looking for you have what you need in the top make money online websites which list all the ways to make money online. If you want extra cash do legitimate online jobs, find top level guidance to build an internet business in training programs, or get ready set up online businesses that just need effective internet marketing!

Making Money Online is NOT a Scam!

Unfortunately there are a few scams about and mostly greedy people hoping to make instant wealth and a fast buck will get roped in by them. A quality home based business idea or internet business plan will cost you a good investment or even subscription if there is proper training and updates.

Start making the money you always dreamed of to work from home if you desire but go about it properly or you will fail. I have written information on my websites why people are apt to fail in their home based businesses which you can take note of so you do not suffer the same.

When you prefer an internet home based business to work from home then look for offers with dynamic tools, resources, guidance and systems in place to help grow your business. Some of these programs where you enjoy one on one coaching and live support, with after sales systems, and guidance to help you promote your home internet based business opportunity, expect to pay a subscription.

For starting a real tangible home based business of your own look up comprehensive guides that teach you exactly what to do and try and choose something you will enjoy doing because this way you will have a higher chance of success when you are passionate about your business. These home based business ideas can be found on my websites as shown below relevant to your country.

Am I happy to be a Work at Home Dad?

The answer is yes and I would do all the hard work I have done all over again. You don’t have to struggle going through all the difficulties I and many other wealthy entrepreneurs have experienced because there are programs that show you real short cuts these days.

Just be sensible about making money online in a home based business opportunity is my advice and find what you need from reputable websites because a lot of work has been done listing online the best internet business opportunities, guides and information to help others make money online!

Best wishes for your work at home success

Richard Eezxywealth work from home group….

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