Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Making Business Online!

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Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Making Business Online!

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Turning Your Hobby Into A Career!

Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Making Business

Turn Your Passion and Hobby into a Money Making Business Online.

Do you ever dream of turning your passion into a money making venture? Well, a survey conducted by AXXA Insurance in the UK in 2017 revealed that 40% of the self-employed business owners had started up based on their hobby. This was a huge increase from 17% in 2012.

This economic phenomenon is not restricted to the UK but is mirrored internationally. In the USA, for example, it was reported that in 2017 there were 55 million freelance workers an increase of 2 million from 2014. Much of this sector was made up of a younger generation that had turned a hobby into a business.

Make Money From Hobbies at Home

This increase in the numbers of people turning hobbies into profitable is not a new phenomenon, and we are all aware of the success stories of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos who both took passions to the top of the business ladder. It is now easier than ever to turn your love or passion into profit and with access to the internet working from home is now easier than ever.

Making the move to set up a home based internet business is less daunting than ever with guidance and training available to help and support you.

What hobbies Make a Good Business

For many the dream of making the move from turning their passion into a money-making venture is appealing. The number of hobbies that have business opportunities is enormous. For instance, writing is a passion that does not mean you have to become the next world best seller. You can work freelance writing articles for newspapers or poetry for greetings card companies.

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business Online

The US textile industry is one of the top in the manufacturing sector so, if sewing is your passion, running a home based business providing services covering anything from fixing and tailoring clothes to cuddly toys is possible. All that is required is the passion and drive and a quality sewing machine to get you going.

If photography is your thing then working freelance submitting your work to newspapers and magazines or selling your photographs online are possible routes. The list of possibilities is endless from jewellery design and craft products to hobby farming.

Writing a Good CV

Even if you do not want to or you are not quite ready to make the move from enthusiast to business entrepreneur, there is a good reason why you should include them on your CV. Presenting a good CV or Resume can improve your chances at a job interview and you can get advice and guidance on how best to do this.

Make Money from Your Hobby

Firstly, it should highlight any transferable skills that are useful to the role you are applying for. This can be anything from IT skills to sporting activities that demonstrate your team-working abilities. Second, they can sometimes be a good focus point to get a conversation started in an interview, especially if you have an unusual interest. And, it can prove that you have a cultural fit, something that more employers are looking at these days.

Realizing your dream and turning a hobby or passion into a money-making business is a dream being realized by more and more people globally.

The number of hobbies that have the potential to be a lucrative venture is plenty. But, even if this is not your dream the value of including your hobbies on your CV or resume, and therein making you a far more desirable job candidate, has true value.


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